Balpha mast

A complete foldable mast system for mast lengths up to 8.5m. The photos below show Balpha Mast on a tubular carbon base this is not part of the mast system. The stainless steel mast housing would fit directly onto your mast step.

The following components are included:

  • Mast - carbon fibre 100 x 70mm. Length up to 8.5m made to suit customers requirements. With spreaders, Balpha Mast heel arrangement, halyard sheaves, sail track and cleats.
  • Trackway - carbon fibre 70 x 70mm ‘U’ section x 2m long. Fitted with track for mast heel and hinging pin.
  • Pivoting collar - carbon fibre 110 x 80 x 120mm. Fitted with pivot point insert and securing screws.
  • Mast housing - tubular stainless steel 30mm diameter. Comes with base plate to fit to your mast step and 4 stay securing points at top of housing.
  • Boom -  tubular carbon fibre 70mm diameter. Comes with gooseneck, outhaul fittings and sheet attachment points.
  • Deck Gear - To control Balpha Mast a boomstrut, triple clutch, 4 sheave deck organiser and various blocks and small fittings are supplied with the system. All Deck Gear products are of the latest range from Barton Marine  

Product Images


For 3 different mast lengths of the above:

  • 6 metre - £5,995
  • 7 metre - £6,265
  • 8 metre - £6,535


We will be pleased to give delivery quotations according to customers location.


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