Balphamast give debut to foldable mast system at HISWA Amsterdam In Water Boatshow

Discover the Balpha Mast foldable mast system at the HISWA Amsterdam in water boatshow.

Posted by on 29 August 2017

The Balpha Global with the Balpha Mast system will exhibit at the HISWA te water from the 29th of August till the 3rd of September at stand number L18. During the show the Balpha Mast system will demonstrate how lowering and raising your mast when underway is made easy. The Balpha Mast system will totally transform your yachting experience.

Don’t let air draught withhold you roaming inland waterways and reach destinations that were previously inaccessible for sailing yachts.

The Balpha Mast system is available for new yachts or as a retrofitting system on existing boats. Come and visit us on board Balpha Global to experience the ease of use and discuss possibilities.

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