Innovative solution to age old problem

Balpha Mast is an innovative new solution to an age old problem where yacht masts are fixed and not easily lowered.

Balpha Mast has been developing the folable mast concept since it established in 2011. Owner and inventor Stuart Balfour along with the skilled services of Naval Architect Dick Koopmans and carbon mast designer/manufacturer Ceilidh Composite Technologies trialled and tested the first Balpha Mast in the Netherlands 2016.

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The Team

Stuart Balfour
Inventor & Managing Director

Stuart has worked in the Merchant Navy, Fishing Industry and Marine Piloting since 1984. Gaining a Master Mariner Certificate in 1998 and Marine Surveyor Accreditation in 2014.

D. Koopmans Jachtontwerpers
Naval Architect
Ceilidh Composite Technologies B.V.
Mast Designer and Manufacturer
Augusto (Kiko) Villalon
International Sail Makers


Nov 2017 METSTRADE Amsterdam

Balpha Mast introduces the Balpha Mast system on the METSTRADE Amsterdam. On the picture: Thomas Wilkes of Ceilidh Composite Technologies and Stuart Balphour aka Mr Balpha.

Aug 2017 HISWA te water, Amsterdam

SY. Balpha Global with her folding carbon Balpha Mast saw keen interest from sailing enthusiasts, boat builders, naval architects and hire boat companies at the enjoyable 6 day event.

July 2017 Balpha Global named in Amsterdam Marina

Following an 18 hour trip, passing under 46 bridges unhindered from Hellevoetsluis to Amsterdam, Balpha Mast demonstration yacht Balpha Global is named. The finest quality Stewarts Demerara Rum was sampled to toast success to Balpha Mast.

June 2017 Balpha Mast departs Hellevoetsluis

Following 12 months collaborative design and construction at Ceilidh Composite Technologies BV. Balpha Mast departs Hellevoetsluis for Amsterdam.

Dec 2016 UK Patent Granted

Balpha Mast is Granted UK Patent No. GB2502497. 'A Mast Raised or Lowered by Means of a Drive Member'. A full year is planned for 2017 to take the carbon fibre retro fitting Balpha Mast to its Yacht market.

Nov 2016 Felucca Yacht for Balpha Mast

In order to test, trial and market our carbon fibre Balpha Mast we have invested in this classic 6m Felucca Yacht. Sea trials planned for early 2017.

Oct 2016 Balpha Mast Marketing Program

Marketing Program begins with a 'Learning Journey' to the Ibex Marine Trade Show, Tampa. Market Research particular to the US Marine Leisure Industry was undertaken with significant new contacts made. We are very pleased to welcome Augusto (Kiko) Villalon to the Balpha Mast development team as our highly respected US Marine Consultant. Balpha Mast is very grateful for the continued advice and support from HIE, Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Aug 2016 Carbon Fibre Balpha Mast

The first Carbon Fibre Balpha Mast proto-type workshop tested at Ceilidh Composites BV. Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands. Program planned to refine and further develop all components.

Sept 2015 Balpha Mast US. Patent Granted

Through funds generated by the Sail Line Fish work boat and marine surveying activities further investment is made on developing the retro-fitting Balpha Mast.

Sept 2013

Balpha Mast Company Ltd formed, The potential in the Balpha Mast as a foldaway mast system for yachts between 6 – 10m was identified. Work commences on a retro-fitting design suitable for production class yachts of this size.

Jan 2012

Market Research Study, Market Research Group, Bournemouth University conducts qualitative & quantitative research into the Balpha Mast system potential in the leisure boating market. Part of this included field research at the London Boat Show 2012.

Oct 2011

International Patent Filed, Through conducting a Patent search and market research, with its commercial potential in mind, it was decided to file an International Patent for the Balpha Mast.

July 2011

First Public Demonstration of the Balpha Mast, shown at the Delting Boating Club with sailing enthusiastic delegates.

May 2010 – Oct 2011 Feasibility Study

With smart: Scotland funding Balpha Mast parent company Sail Line Fish Ltd undertakes to find the potential in sail-assisted fishing. An outcome from this was the need to create compatibility between the sail system and commercial fishing where crew numbers are limited. To achieve this the Balpha Mast system was developed and tested. This allowed a means to control, lower and raise your sail system depending on situation and conditions. Historical research into sail fishing showed how it was essential to lower and stow masts whilst lying to nets or lines. Severe damage could be done to masts and rigging while rolling and pitching in a heavy swell. A key to the design was its ability to operate at sea or in port.

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