Foldable Mast System

Balpha Mast is a foldable mast system for yachts, which allows for easy lowering and raising of masts.

Southampton Boat Show - 2018. 'Balpha Global' is at berth M266 at the Southampton Boat Show 2018. See the video below for a live demonstration of our foldable Balpha Mast system.

14th - 23rd Sept 2018

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We live in a foldaway age where convenience, versatility and freedom are paramount to our everyday lives.

Being able to lower and raise your mast while underway transforms your yachting experience.

Air draught, rigging adjustments, maintenance, repairs, winter storage and transportation are less restrictive and costly.

Balpha Mast can retro-fit existing designs or complement new builds up to 8 meters.

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